David Holliday Art


side frame mounted

The Northumberland coast is a haven for wildlife. Every summer I take a boat out to the Farne Islands to photograph the sea birds and Grey Seals. Visiting the islands is a great experience and I must for people interested in wildlife. I have painted a large body of work based on these visits.


When painting wildlife I use a palette that is more true-to-life, than my more expressive landscape paintings. I find that the creatures which interest me, naturally, have colours that are both vivid and captivating.  I am particularly drawn to the Puffins, also known as ‘the clowns of the sea’, due to their brightly coloured beaks. I try to get a contrast by using vivid reds, yellows and blues for their beaks set against muted, earthy colours for the rocky outcrops on which they perch.